WP Engine Makes Atlas Available

WP Engine Makes Atlas Available


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WP Engine, a WordPress technology company, has announced the availability of Atlas, a WordPress headless solution. Developers can grow their sites on Atlas. Prices range from $49 to $499, and there is Atlas Blueprints, which offers free, professionally-designed starter sites that allow anybody to get up and running with headless WordPress.

Jason Cohen, founder and chief technology officer at WP Engine, told CMSWire WP Engine experienced a flood of interest in headless WordPress with the release of Atlas in 2021. Many established WordPress developers wanted to learn more about headless, but they needed an easy on-ramp to get started and construct modest sites rapidly, he added. There was also a broad variety of requests so they designed new Atlas plans to fit that range, supporting brands and agencies worldwide.

Atlas Can Assist Marketers and Developers

Developers gain directly from Atlas, according to Cohen. Developers are enthusiasts and architects who are always pushing the limits and discovering new methods to harness the potential of WordPress, whether they work as freelancers, agencies, or in-house at an enterprise brand, he added.

“WP Engine is a WordPress technology company that provides developer-centric WordPress products for companies and agencies of all sizes, including managed WordPress hosting, enterprise WordPress, headless WordPress, Flywheel, Local and Genesis. They cater to 150 countries,” Cohen said.

Most of the developers using Atlas have extensive WordPress and PHP experience and are looking to expand into API-centric, headless web engineering. With Atlas plans, Atlas Blueprints and Atlas Sandbox, they are enabling marketers to use the WordPress CMS they have come to know, while enabling developers to use modern Javascript-based front-ends to create secure sites and scale them.

Many of today’s fantastic innovations in digital experiences are emerging from headless architectures, according to Cohen, and many developers were enthused about headless but didn’t know where to begin. The release is a direct result of consumer input, market gaps and corporate innovation.

“Customer-inspired is one of the leading values at WP Engine and something we look toward in all the work we do from product to marketing,” Cohen said. “This announcement came directly from customer feedback and monitoring of our space and the WordPress community.”

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Atlas Offers API for Scalable Content

Atlas’s two key differentiators are that it is both comprehensive and highly functional, Cohen said. He added Atlas controls all the layers of building sites, and it is a WP Engine headless solution where the front-end and back-end work in harmony.

Atlas is comprehensive, because it leverages WP Engine’s existing CDN and provides the scalable content API between the front-end and WordPress, he added.

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What’s Next for WP Engine?

Continuing the theme of comprehensiveness, WP Engine will be adding a built-in content search API so customers don’t need to purchase, configure and manage a separate search vendor. They will also be extending the capabilities delivered in minutes with Blueprints, with more themes, and deeper functionality within each theme.

“Our most recent product release was the Atlas Content Modeler, a free WordPress plugin to create custom post types and fields for Headless WordPress sites,” Cohen said. “ACM integrates seamlessly with WPGraphQL, replacing the need for three separate plugins required to create content models for headless sites.”

Atlas, Atlas Blueprints, and the Sandbox account are all now accessible.


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