WordPress to WebFlow? Why Migrating to WebFlow from WordPress Benefits Businesses, Explained by Website Design Chicago

WordPress to WebFlow? Why Migrating to WebFlow from WordPress Benefits Businesses, Explained by Website Design Chicago


Website Design Chicago, one of the leading website development firms for businesses and entrepreneurs, published an online article explaining the benefits of migrating to WebFlow from WordPress websites. The article provides insight for businesses that feel their resources are being wasted trying to keep up with redundant WordPress plugin updates, which often beef up the JavaScript, resulting in slow-loading websites and ultimately resulting in visitors to the website as a consequence of lower rankings.

Website Designs Chicago
Website Designs Chicago

The article compares the functionality constraints and traffic or lead generation limits of WordPress template-based websites with WebFlow-based websites. Although both WordPress and WebFlow are content management systems (CMS), WordPress is an open-source software, while WebFlow is a SaaS application. Being open-source makes WordPress vulnerable to malicious attacks and hackers. The third-party plugins, which are deemed by many as a star feature of the WordPress CMS, can become a swinging axe as they can cause many websites to come crashing down with new version releases. On the other hand, the closed-source, cloud-based WebFlow platform utilizes built-in settings to regulate changes in the app itself and ward off cyber-attacks.

Another advantage of migrating to WebFlow from WordPress is its ability to generate cleaner codes that are easy to understand and result in faster loading of websites, unlike WordPress’s heavy plugin-based setup. Professional developers are often required when making significant changes to a WordPress website because doing so necessitates having a working knowledge of HTML, CSS, WordPress themes, and plugins. Thankfully, the incredibly intuitive interface of WebFlow makes it relatively easy for website owners to make the necessary changes to the website text and images by themselves without consulting the website developer after every imperative update.

Readers who want to read the entire article on the benefits of migrating to the WebFlow platform can visit the official Website Design Chicago webpage at https://www.websitedesign-chicago.com/. The article is a good point of reference for individuals unaware of the technicalities behind website hosting platforms and relying on WordPress websites solely because of their free features.

A Website Design Chicago representative provided insight into the areas where WordPress is lacking and how WebFlow overcomes these shortcomings in the following words. “Our research and development team, after collecting and reviewing extensive data, concluded that a custom-built website ranks higher in search engines than a WordPress template-based website. This suggests that websites developed using WebFlow can rank higher in search engines than websites built with WordPress templates. Any company that wants to increase leads and conversions online needs to pay close attention to this aspect of its website. Regular free updates may seem like a desirable feature for a WordPress website, but it can quickly become challenging to stay on top of the security risks and loopholes they introduce to any WordPress-based website. We advise all our trusted clients to always opt for WebFlow-based websites that ensure secure, fast, smooth-functioning, and robust functionality.”

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