WordPress rival raises $500,000 in seed funding

WordPress rival raises $500,000 in seed funding

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WordPress rival raises $500,000 this week in seed funding from various  investors.
Source: Tech Crunch

Funding news from this week included updates on a newcomer publishing firm in the media industry. Reportedly, this particular Australian start up, Storipress refers to itself as an upcoming alternative to the popular WordPress. It pitched itself essentially as an all-in-one management system. This would have the ability to pull all the tools together that a publisher requires in one place.

Start- up accelerator Boson Ventures, Startmate, along with the co founder of Junkee Media, Tim Duggan are all apparently part of this new funding. These bodies are all investing in this newcomer in the publishing world which can aid in the creation of a media company in just a day.

The investors gave a statement regarding the new funding in place this week. They stated how they believed to notice ‘huge innovation,’ emphasising on its ‘solo-rise.’ Further, they mentioned how Substack came along as a notable example of a platform which is a ‘one-stop-shop’ for the creation of  ‘a solo newsletter.’ They added how unfortunately, they would not say the same for ‘premium publishers’ who continue to struggle with big range of these ‘publishing tools.’

“We see huge innovation with solo-rise [and] Substack is a great example of that where it’s a one-stop-shop for creating a solo newsletter.”

Evidently inspired from the retail site Shopify, the platform has taken the step to replace the requirement for tools such as Google Docs and Tello. In doing so, it has facilitated the integration of the workflow system into the system of the Content Management System.

Moreover, it is being said that the ultimate ‘enterprise’ would look at ‘serious publishers’ as its target, and even claiming to reduce expenditure on technology by as much as 90%. On the other hand, the pricing would be dependent on the extent of the operation, and needs a direct sales connection to gain access to the features.

The co founder of Storipress- alternative to WordPress, Alex Pan stated how media newcomers could now be able to get published in the span of a day. He noted how this could end up taking a significant amount of time in general. On its LinkedIn page, Storipress specifies on its bio how it is a platform integrates the whole ‘digital blogging and publishing tool ecosystem’ into a single site. Further, it notes how this integration provides the entire world the access to these tools. Storipress is based in Sydney, Australia, and currently has locations at Taiwan.

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