WordPress Hosting Convesio And Why It Just Might Be The Best

WordPress Hosting Convesio And Why It Just Might Be The Best


WordPress websites hosting can be a difficult decision for many people and the range of options for those seeking to host their wordpress sites is often daunting. But new entrants have also challenged some of the existing wordpress hosts in a manner that mixes up the hosting toolkit and provides some powerful opportunities.

At LawFuel we have experienced different hosting companies and confess that currently we are not using Convesio for reasons that in no way detract from the company’s advantage. It is very much ‘on the table’ as an option and for a bunch of reasons, particularly its load balancers and scaling which makes them a very appealing hosting prospect for some important reasons.

Principally, Convesio are a host that provide fast loading, reliability and scaling, providing the ability to scale your website as your business site grows. For lawyers, who we principally deal with, the need to have near-perfect uptime, fast caching, strong customer support and overall security are paramount issues.

The wordpress hosting market is a crowded one and options abound. Managed hosting services nd the different plans on offer can also create a somewhat unfair situation for those seeking a reliable, scalable hosting platform.

Often you will have surplus capacity that you are paying for combined with the need to buy more space on a virtual private network that, once again, can leave you with a lot more unused capacity.

Convesio’s plan is to provide a fast, secure hosting platform for WordPress sites that is ‘next generation’ with the ability to pay as you go. It is more expensive than many, to be sure (see below), but it’s flexibility, load-balancer containers, security monitoring function, data centers and other features place it at the forefront of high level, WordPress hosting.

The Convesio option is a very good one for those who are seeking high-end functionality, good load balancing for your website, a redundant file system and a database cluster which permits several servers to connect to a single database (of which more below).

The fastest cloud platforms can provide some highly desirable features and it is fair to say that Convesio is ideal for agencies and for multi-site operators or for businesses and law firm SEO requirements where you have a busy suite of sites that may require horizontal scaling and lightening-fast performance.

The biggest perk of Convesio is really the fact that it brings to the WordPress hosting table a suite of important features and a payment program that also provides flexibility. (More on pricing for Convesio below).

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Value-For-Money WordPress Hosting

There’s an upfront quality about Convesio that sees them providing hosting packages that are affordable, albeit starting at a slightly higher level than many similar hosting providers and those using a shared hosting environment. The reason though is valid and a value-for-money package.

Convesio hosts on what are called Docker containers, which permit website outages or problems that can see a website down all but avoided. Website security is a major factor. As we work with law firms, the need for their continued visibility is vital, as is their security.

Often, indeed most of the time, the answer from a web host is to use virtual private servers (VPS) to ‘isolate’ your site from a spike in traffic or some other traffic surge or some other event that may impact your own site.

But the problem with the VPS solution is that they can be susceptible to hardware failure, which the ‘Docker factor’ all but avoids. They spread the website across multiple servers and use visualisation software to effectively rebuild your site instantly in the case of some failure.

Easy to Use Convesio Interface

The Convesio dashboard interface is logical and clear, providing major ease of use and no need for particular technical knowledge about backend processes. For small businesses or law firms seeking an ease-of-use format and yet containing necessary technical details for your website it’s ideal.

It also permits upgrading or scaling-up your website as required when there might be large influxes of traffic and without admin access, which means other team members can do these things without direct, admin access.

It also provides data about who is using your site, including –

  • the country
  • website issues impacting display and performance
  • the ‘container status’ for your site
  • the situation with web caching

Having these metrics at your fingertips is a cool advantage and gives you a good look at the health and nature of your site at the time.

High Speed

Speed is more crucial than ever for websites. Lightning-fast performance is a Holy Grail with Google’s latest requirements for great law firm or business SEO and the technology and platforms Convesio uses means they are able to deliver high speed websites with fast website load time with almost 100 per cent uptime.

In addition, Convesio uses Content Delivery Network (CDN) through Cloudflare’s location in over two hundred cities worldwide for faster access irrespective of a customer’s location.

The actual servers are built on Google and Amazon web services networks that provide caching for high speeds and providing speed benefits for your website that can lift page speed for your site by 2 to five times – and that is high for any website.

Load balancers on the network mean that you can scale your site where they provide the ability to kind of ‘outsource’ the hosting power rather than do what most hosts do and require that you buy more space, memory etc on the VPN server.

Because Convesio is based on a different structure, using ‘containers’ for the different hosting functions, such as database PHP, file systems, backups etc, which are separated out into different layers that provide flexibility and power in terms of scalable cdn network for your website as and when required.

The database cluster uses multiple MySQL servers to help maintain the constant uptime and scalability.

That may sound like a lot of tech-talk for those who are less technology orientated but for a hosting provider to operate data centers and hosting functionality in the dispersed manner that Convesio does is to provide the essentials of speed and security.

Convesio has server-level caching that provides significant benefits for web speed and delivery. For instance, it has ‘self restoring’ data to preserve web data and automatic data backup.

Great Security and Backup

Having website backups is critical in the event of emergency and the best hosting will provide a bullet-proof backup system and good security features.

Convesio has backups that permit fast backup that will ensure your site is able to quickly restore your site should that be required. It can also be done by anyone involved in your website maintenance and security.

The Convesio platform uses less space than others which also means greater efficiency with the wordpress Convesio hosting than other managed hosting service providers.

The database cluster means that the host can run a set of databases that is run by a single database server, which leads to greater reliability and security. It is not the sort of hosting that would typically be found for WordPress hosting but is one that provides greater comfort for the web owner.

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The Docker Platform

Convesio uses so-called ‘docker platform’ which is a ‘containerization’ tool (terrible word, we know), which permits the fast running of multiple applications. The use of the docker platform is somewhat unique to Convesio for wordpress web hosting and avoids the website-down call with all the distress that occasions for website owners.

Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services are used to host Convesio’s docker containers offer massive capacity and run the software applications in the same containers so as to provide those key criteria of speed, security and virtually no downside risk.

So for each website, Convesio provides at least nine containers that can provide the necessary scaling for website content when the traffic spikes. This auto scaling is something that handle the load balancing, the runtime containers, replication nodes etc.

Pricing Convesio

Convesio has a payment structure that is more than many you might otherwise see for top level hosting. The ‘pay-what-you-use’ model is one that ranges from $150 pm to $600 pm for the more expensive plan that The pricing is greater than many of the host’s competitors and some of the plans will only permit a single WordPress site to be hosted on the Convesio servers.

You have a one month free trial to test the hosting and there is excellent, responsive support and assistance if required.

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Convesio founder Tom Fanelli comes to the hosting scene with a stellar reputation in the WordPress world with a wide breadth of experience, including working with Deluxe, one of the major hosting and marketing companies in the United States.

WordPress hosting should be part of any business plan for your WordPress website and it just may be that WordPress hosting Convesio option is a top shelf contender as one of the new generation leaders in effective, efficient and powerful website hosting platforms. We trust this Convesio review can help you decide and please let us know your own views on your Convesio experience

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