Wellington Heritage Plan still in works

Wellington Heritage Plan still in works


Wellington Heritage Plan still in works

More time is needed for Wellington’s Heritage Plan.

On Thursday, Prince Edward County’s Committee of the Whole heard from staff and several members of the public regarding Wellington’s Heritage Conservation District Plan.

BRAY Heritage, who developed the proposed plan, was met with support and opposition from the public.

Wellington property owner Lourdes Da Costa says the current policy plan needs more in-depth planning and is limiting to landowners looking to potentially renovate their properties.

“The concept of a Heritage Plan for Wellington is good, but this plan as currently drafted is not. It’s not ready, it needs more work, it’s overreaching on so many levels.  Its intentions and consequences need to be properly communicated to the property owners that it will impact so that you, the decision makers, have a clear understanding of their reactions to it.”

Long-time Wellington resident, Diane Riley, says the plan has been in the making long enough and it’s important to look at the quality of the village over quantity.

“We want to ensure a healthy liveable community for all who live in our historic village. We have invested so very much, not just money … it is not just about money.  Surely COVID has taught us that by now.  It is about quality of life and ensuring a future for all.”

The Committee of the Whole asked staff to go back to the public for further consultation with residents and to review the current policy to ensure a satisfactory plan is brought to council before the end of summer.


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