Top 5 Best WordPress VPS Hosting To Build the Best Professional and Personal Websites

Top 5 Best WordPress VPS Hosting To Build the Best Professional and Personal Websites



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Are you running a website on WordPress but can’t afford a dedicated server to host it? You can still work it out through a WordPress VPS hosting site. While not entirely similar to dedicated hosting, VPS WordPress hosting platforms perform well enough for better reach. Regardless of the content of your website, these hosting services will meet their purpose.

Is VPS Hosting Good for WordPress?

Yes, VPS is suitable for WordPress hosting. In comparison with shared hosting, it offers better security and stability. And unlike dedicated servers, it’s a lot cheaper. Plus, it is meant for small-scale websites that expect average traffic exceeding shared hosting’s limitations.

What Is the Difference Between WordPress Hosting and VPS Hosting?

WordPress hosting simply refers to an environment configured specifically to suit the CMS of your WordPress websites. Meanwhile, VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting is a combination of shared and dedicated hosting. It takes advantage of virtualization to an extent to provide you with dedicated and private resources on a server inhabited by multiple users.

With WordPress VPS hosting, you have independence and better security than shared hosting. But compared to dedicated hosting, you can only access your server on a limited basis since you’re not the only one in it.

Best VPS hosting for WordPress in 2022

After clearing things up, you may conclude that it’s the right hosting platform for your WordPress website. To let you see what it can put forward, we consolidated the top 5 best WordPress VPS hosting services that belong in your list of choices.

#1 WPX

One of the most popular and trusted WordPress VPS hosting sites is WPX. Often dubbed as one of the best providers accompanied by customer service, many have entrusted their website to its offerings. If you plan to use it after hopping into another provider, WPX will welcome you with open arms. That’s because you can shift your website to them in just a day with minimal intervention, all for free.


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WPX is cloud-based, so you can easily manage your website without a fuss. The entirety of their plans has automated backups available for 28 days, with quick storage time, data centers scattered around the globe, and a one-click installment of WordPress. WPX also built its features independently to grow its performance, to be faster than its competitors, and to have stable delivery networks.

They have flexible plans you can choose from. But should you subscribe annually, you get a gift of a 2-month free trial. This comes with 10 GB of storage and 100 GB of bandwidth, where you can manage five websites at most.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Customer support that replies within 30 seconds

  • Maximum performance with a fast site loading speed

  • Independently built to support WordPress websites

  • Ditched cPanel and revised their own

  • Has a content delivery network to optimize all functionalities

#2 Siteground

As a beginner with no adequate expertise, looking for WordPress VPS hosting can mess with your head. To ease your worries away, Siteground crafted a solution to manage your WordPress website. What makes it one of the best managed VPS WordPress hosting is its simplicity, doubled by reliability and security. Small to medium businesses like yours should access just enough features to make your website work.


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Siteground has features where you can host WordPress websites, build one if you haven’t yet, or migrate an existing on to the site. Transferring is quick, so that beginners can wrap their heads around it easily. Another thing is their managed VPS server hosting alongside WordPress installation. The latter comes with advanced and automatic updates or migrations.

Since it’s managed, you can access a long list of tools to oversee your website’s operations. Built with a custom server setup, your time to the first byte loads 30% quicker than usual. Over the years, WordPress has seen a boost in performance with Sitegound. It’s 5x times faster, optimized, reliable, and secure. You also get environmental control in the process.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Built on premium cloud infrastructure for faster network and more consistent storage

  • Customized implementation of PHP and MySQL for better site performance

  • Top speed for WordPress websites + features to boost the functionality

  • Integrated with the latest technology

  • Smart 24/7 customer support with 98% satisfaction

#3 Bluehost

Expert or not, those seeking reliable web hosts would find themselves in the vicinity of BlueHost. Dating back years ago, it proves expertise as it harnesses a swift interface and high performance, so your website goes fast and gets the traffic you aspire to have.


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Besides VPS WordPress hosting, Bluehost also has WooCommerce and shared and dedicated hosting. To top it off, you can now build your website within the platform and craft an online store for your business. Access the all-in-one dashboard to gain a better view of your progress. You can also obtain a theme and plugin of your choice to match your style to your branding.

One of the many reasons it’s a recommended WordPress VPS hosting by WordPress itself is its optimized solution. With this, you gain speed, top-tier performance, and relevant design through innovative features on hand. It differentiates itself from others with its 24/7 support, affordability, and security. But most importantly, it provides comprehensive tools, so you only get the best necessary resources.

Key Features and Benefits

  • 24/7 customer support

  • Has a website builder and online store

  • You get your own domain

  • Has WooCommerce and WordPress hosting

  • Offers Shared, dedicated, and VPS hosting

  • Also offers a dashboard, themes, and migration features

  • Comprehensive tools for websites of all purposes and sizes

#4 Green Geeks

After its establishment in 2008, Green Greeks has been hosting more than 300,000 websites. Since then, users have reported 99.9% uptime, 100% customer satisfaction, and 24/7 availability. One of their offers includes unlimited bandwidth, databases, and 50GB of storage. Besides that, clients are turning to their services, thanks to their eco-friendly solutions.

Green Geeks

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Green Geeks simplifies the process that comes with WordPress VPS hosting. Yet, it utilizes its resources to an extent, so nothing comes to waste. It will be hosted on LiteSpeed WebServer accompanied by the LS Cache plugin. In return, it allows your website to load quickly. You can access various data centers globally and experience the latest version of PHP, HTTP/3.

Additionally, this VPS WordPress hosting takes pride in its paramount security. They guarantee effective mitigation against malware attacks through automated and manual efforts on your end. You also get DDoS protection, Immunify360, and a free SSL certificate to tighten up the security of your website.

Other than that, Green Geeks also has other services should you need more than a hosting provider. Plus, every hosting account equates to one tree planted because of its partnership with One Tree Planted.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Comprehensive support

  • Offers web, VPS, and reseller hosting

  • Has dedicated servers if you need one

  • All-out features for a website builder

  • Other flexible hosting options

#5 WP Bolt

Now-if you’re on the lookout for a high-performing WordPress VPS hosting with managed VPS server, WP Bolt is the best option so far. Its VPS WordPress hosting service is built by a Singapore-based hosting company, Site Arrow. Compared to other hosting providers we reviewed, WP Bolt is the fittest alternative for WPX.

WP Bolt

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As mentioned, VPS hosting is not completely similar to dedicated servers. But WP Bolt does it differently. Your WordPress website has its own server, so there is no need to anticipate a slower load time. Most importantly, no neighbors can trim down the performance of your website on shared servers.

Key Features

  • Multiple Servers: Server locations are important in speeding up your website. Therefore, it is much better to choose a provider near your preferred audience. Fortunately, WP Bolt has over 22 global data center locations. You can easily track down a server location to accommodate your website’s needs. Depending on the location, you can determine server infrastructure from Vultr to Linode.

  • Secure Servers: VPS WordPress hosting is safer than the shared one. So, it’s no doubt that WP Bolt holds the same feature. You can have managed updates to your server and a firewall to maintain your security altogether. Not just that. All servers comprise automated free SSL certificates from Let’s Encrypt for every site you choose to host.

  • Faster Sites: The hosting provider is supported by PHP 8.1 and 7.4, Nginx/Apache stack, MariaDB, HTTP/2, and CDN addon to load up your site swiftly. Therefore, besides a secured server, best believe that you’ll gain an optimized and faster website with WP Bolt.

  • One-click WordPress: WordPress is one click away in WP Bolt, unlike other WordPress VPS hosting. Just select and add it to your server. Its system will automatically install the latest WordPress version, so you don’t have to update it manually.

  • Comprehensive Dashboard: To view and manage options, WP Bolt offers a comprehensive dashboard generated by WHM. It comes with a customizable design layout and is easy to use. You can see the Dashboard, Services, Billing, Support, and Affiliates from the left side. Suppose you want to edit your site, change your plans, and whatnot. Everything from the left will guide you. Although WP Bolt is already secured, you can still deploy another security measure, the Two-factor authentication from Security settings.

  • 24/7 Support: Like any best managed VPS WordPress hosting, you can take advantage of WP Bolt’s 24/7 support via ticket and email with response time of less than 10 minutes. You can also take a look at their comprehensive guides, and other troubleshooting blogs should the need arise.

In general, WP Bolt has enough offerings to serve your WordPress website. A secured quality ties them all in a plethora of servers, so you won’t have to worry about your site.

Speaking of your site, you can gain benefits from Vultr and Linode. These reputable hosting infrastructure have robust servers and can deliver accelerated load times and optimized performance.

Adding your WordPress site requires no effort. Then to handle everything, a dashboard is up and running to modify settings.


  • Deploy your own managed VPS server

  • Faster time to load

  • No server neighbors that can slow down your site, unlike traditional managed WordPress Hosting environments

  • Cheaper than most competitors, with plans starting at $12 per month

  • Reputable hosting infrastructure and integrated with advanced technology

  • One-click for adding WordPress

  • Offers free migration

  • All-in-one dashboard to oversee your sites

  • 24/7 support via ticket and email with response time of less than 10 minutes


In conclusion, if you want affordable yet reliable WordPress VPS hosting, WP Bolt has enough qualities that make it a worthy choice. There may be no built-in backup, but its core features remain embedded in its goal to set forth high-performing and optimized websites.

For just $12 per month, you can access WP Bolt’s hosting platform to place your website in a good place. Check out the rest of their plans here to get started.

Final Verdict

No matter what type of website you have in mind, our top 5 best WordPress VPS hosting can live up to your expectations. You just don’t get secured servers but also other features to look forward to. Overall, WPX and WP Bolt both fit the bill if you’re looking for a VPS WordPress hosting provider for your site. Meanwhile, you may also refer to Siteground, Bluehost, and Green Geeks for other hallmarks necessary to power up your website.

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