This WordPress plugin protects the emails displayed on your website

This WordPress plugin protects the emails displayed on your website


Cybersecurity is more important than ever. Safeguard data from web trawling with this WordPress plugin.

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Cybercriminals use many different persuasion tactics to achieve their nefarious goals. While you may want to showcase testimonials about the quality of your products on your website, cybercriminals see that as low-hanging fruit for stealing email addresses and personal information from you, your employees and your customers. Don’t let it happen.

The Email Protection WordPress Plugin is a simple tool to protect the email addresses displayed on your website from detection and capture by web crawlers. You can still display email addresses according to custom preferences, with control over fonts, colors and more, but you’ll ensure that criminal data mining misses those emails when trawling the web.

The WordPress plugin installs in just a few clicks, and it’s easy to configure without any prior technical skills. The plugin ensures that no email addresses appear in the source code of your webpages by converting addresses into clickable images that open an email client when clicked.

After this WordPress plugin is installed, you can create shortcodes with configurable options to protect your website’s emails as quickly as possible so that customers can reach the right people without putting any email addresses at risk. You can also swiftly export and import settings between websites, making it easy to transfer settings across all of your web addresses.

Make sure any email address displayed on your site is protected from detection. Right now, you can get the Email Protection WordPress Plugin for 10 websites for just $19.99 (79% off $97).

Prices are subject to change.


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