The best in women’s billiards play in $10,000 tournament in Rothschild | Archive

The best in women’s billiards play in $10,000 tournament in Rothschild | Archive


For just the second time since 1993 the Women’s Professional Billiard Association has stopped in Wisconsin. This time to compete in the Aramith/Dr. Pool classic in Rothschild.

“We’re not always about the big city,” said event promoter and sponsor, Dean Roeseler; or as he’s known in the pool community, Dr. Pool. “Because if you can get a smaller city atmosphere, it’s friendlier and everything else, everything has made it a really good experience for the majority of the players.”

“One of the things I like about places like this is that you can find these little niche businesses, restaurants, shops, things like that,” said third ranked competitor and professional pool player Jennifer Barretta. “You have to search for them, but when you find them, they’re unique and I like that.”

Barretta is just one of the several world class players competing at the event, and is out to show the next generation of young girls they can play at this level too.

“Pool is a great equalizer, there’s really no reason a woman can’t be as good as a man,” said Barretta. “It’s a combination of math and sport. So you’re using your mind and you’re using your body and those two things together can make you a great player.”

Once you add the inspiration to the competition and atmosphere all while throwing in a  $10,000 grand prize, you’ve got an atmosphere you need to see to believe.

“You could watch it on TV,” said Roeseler. “(Like) when we were on ESPN and everything else, but watching it live and just the fan reaction and the player reaction, there’s nothing like it.”

The Aramith/Dr. Pool Classic runs until Sunday the 24th at the Central Wisconsin Event Center in Rothschild.


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