ShoreFit prepares for first full year of workout sessions – The Elm

ShoreFit prepares for first full year of workout sessions – The Elm


By Maegan White

Elm Staff Writer

Nearly a year after the start of ShoreFit, the club is organizing their schedule of events for the next two semesters.

ShoreFit was founded based on the mission of creating a safe space for people to comfortably workout together.

Members of the club meet weekly for workout sessions. They split their time between the Benjamin A. Johnson Fitness Center dance studio and weight room.

Workouts range from weight lifting and cardio, to sessions targeting specific muscle groups. The goal of these sessions is for members to learn proper technique, try new things, and have a group to work out with.

All workouts are created by the ShoreFit executive board.

President and founder of ShoreFit junior Nicole Chimezie said she felt compelled to start the club when she found out there was no place at Washington College for people to work out together.

“Growing up I had always been athletic,” Chimezie said. “I have always been in the gym and I have found that as a place to grow, a place where I can be challenged, and a safe space for me. In high school, I realized it was not the same for anyone. That’s when I realized I need to create a space where my friends and I can feel comfortable in the gym.”

According to Chimezie, the mission of the group is to create a safe place for people to feel comfortable and excited to work out. The team works hard to make sure that they create an inclusive, judgment free zone where everyone feels welcome and safe.

The executive board is also working with athletic trainers to lead sessions.

Chimezie and the rest of the ShoreFit team have been hard at work trying to expand the group outside of the gym.

They are planning more bonding and social activities for the club for the upcoming year, including an IM soccer team.

“Our main goal is to create a community,” Chimezie said. “We want to form a ShoreFit community. We want people to know that even though we are not athletes, we are a team. That is why we started IM teams and are planning these trips because we are teams, we are there for each other, and we support each other.”

The first of these trips was meant to be a hiking trip to VA, planned for Sunday, Oct. 2. The trip was planned by junior Silvana Tipson and received resounding support from ShoreFit members.

Due to the weather conditions during Hurricane Ian, the hiking trip was postponed to a future date.

In addition to the hiking trip, they are also planning a ski trip for the winter.

ShoreFit hosts weekly workout sessions Wednesday and Thursday at the Benjamin A. Johnson Fitness Center at 7 p.m. The executive board encourages all students, regardless of skill level, to come join the ShoreFit team.

Photo courtesy of Nicole Chimezie.

Photo Caption: ShoreFit’s workouts vary in terms of intensity and location depending on the week.


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