Rockfest opens Thursday night | Quinte News

Rockfest opens Thursday night | Quinte News


Rockfest opens Thursday night

It has been several years since summer music pounded from Empire Square Live.

That’s all about to change as Rockfest returns this weekend.

There will be three nights of outdoor concerts, with acts including The Glorious Sons, The Tea Party, The Headstones, TLC and Jenny Berggren  from Ace of Base fame.

Berggren who will be performing Thursday night with TLC and 112, told Quinte News it’s amazing to reflect on her career selling 50 million albums.

“It is the good things that you have to keep on picking up after that. So I’m picking up all the good, golden lines that is still out there because there was a hardship also during these days because we were so big and we were so inexperienced and young.”

All That She Wants, The Sign, Cruel Summer, and Beautiful Summer are among the hits she’ll perform.

“I’m extremely proud of the journey that I’ve done. I’ve pushed through and I must say my fans have always helped me. I think I have the best fans in the world. They’ve always helped me to look at things in their perspective.”

Other acts this weekend include The Tea Party, The Glorious Sons, The Headstones, the Jake Clemmons Band, Crown Lands and the Blue Stones.

More details about the weekend, including purchasing tickets, on the Empire Theatre’s website.


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