Product Comparison – WordPress Vs Custom CMS Hocalwire

Product Comparison – WordPress Vs Custom CMS Hocalwire


Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press back in 1450. He ushered in the renaissance era, where information could be rapidly shared in large volumes. After the digital era came to existence, the media have become even more dynamic in nature. The information is key, and reaching it to a targeted audience has become a key challenge.

The key technologies for news and website platforms have been open source driven like WordPress, Jumla, Drupal etc which could not solve the news publication specific problems like volume, speed and scale..

Let us introduce you to Hocalwire which has been working on solving these specific problems of digital news and media publishers.

More About Hocalwire:

Hocalwire is a leading Content Management System specially crafted for the needs of the Digital Publishing and News Industry.

Hocalwire has been doing the same to the digital publishing/news industry for the last 5 years, transforming how readers get their information faster and easier.

Based out of Noida, Uttar Pradesh in India, Hocalwire is the combined effort of three founders who shared the entrepreneurial spirit to try something new that solves a problem. Ashwani Kumar Mishra, Suresh K Jangir, and Vinoth Poovalingam zeroed in on Digital Content Creation and chose to tackle the problem of localised news in India with its regional language needs to drive a new renaissance for the Information Era to bring out the news even from the rural part of the nation.

The Logo of Hocalwire by itself is a signature to depict the localization and mic that shouts out that technology cannot be a barrier to voice out the stories that happen everywhere in the world.

Equipped with a team of passionate people willing to bring out the news through the leading and growing customer base, Hocalwire is here to make a lasting change in how we consume information in the digital era.

The confluence of Print Media, Broadcast Media, and Internet media is slowly building up as the boundaries between them fade away. Hocalwire acts as a content catalyst to augment technology adoption to ensure the new digital publishing needs are met for the conventional media powerhouses. Innovation and Digital Transformation for the publishing industry are the need of the hour, and Hocalwire enables that transition for its customers.

Hear it from Roshan Kakkat, CEO of MediaOne TV, who had a beautiful experience while adopting and using Hocalwire CMS

“Our experience with Hocalwire during our Digital Transformation journey has been strategic. . Hocalwire is a team of highly educated and passionate techies focused on Media solutions. They understand the client media digital requirements well and design their products in line with industry benchmarks.”

Technology Impact/ Business Value:

Hocalwire currently caters to a growing customer base of 100+ publications in India, which serve around 150M readers per month across its platforms globally and manages the entire weight lifting of delivering 7500+ stories daily. The publications tend to enjoy a wide array of benefits ranging from 100% Growth in overall traffic within 6 Months, 200% Increase in SEO Reach, 100% Increase in revenue across clients, 30% reduction in operation costs, and 400% boost in Page Load times and these are some awe-inspiring numbers compared to conventional Content Management Systems.

Auto scaling on demand, solid backup protections, faster delivery speeds, Wide content delivery network are the technological solutions to the growing demands of the digital publishing space. Features and functions that offer SEO, Indexing, Management, and Editorial capabilities within the CMS, enable journalists to focus on writing rather than worrying about SEO roadblocks.

With Hocalwire, you can manage the editorial workflow with more than 2000+ reporters, enable social media integration, Gather content from far and wide, Create compelling Stories, Publish to every device and format, Monetize using multiple possibilities and Analyze performance all in one platform. This helps writers and editors streamline without worrying about technical nuances. With more features added daily, Hocalwire CMS is becoming the go-to solution for publication.


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