Once Again It Is Time For My Annual Unsolicited Endorsement of WordPress

Once Again It Is Time For My Annual Unsolicited Endorsement of WordPress


John Scalzi

And that is because it was around this time, fourteen(!) years ago now, that I switched over to the service to host Whatever. Previous to the switchover I had been beset by issues with the site, stemming from backend hiccups and rough patches that never quite resolved themselves. But once I switched over to WordPress, things have gone swimmingly; the number of times the site’s been down since 2008 can be counted on one hand, and even then it was quickly back up to speed.

This is also where I again recommend that if you are a creator of any sort, but especially a writer, that you maintain your own site, one where people can always find you and where you have control of your content. As the various recent woes of the social media giants have shown us, none of those sites is immune to drama or is going to last forever at the top of the heap, and you will always be the product to them. Have your own site and no matter what happens to them, you’ll always be around. Whatever has been around for 24 years! That’s several generations of social media right there.

I annually recommend WordPress because it’s robust and seamless and easy to use, and because I like it. I have never had cause to regret using the service, and lots of reasons to be glad I do. WordPress doesn’t pay me to recommend it, or hints that an endorsement would be nice, or anything like that. I endorse it because I genuinely think it’s a good service. If you’re thinking of getting your own place on the Internet (and you should!), WordPress is a pretty great place to host it. Here are some of the various packages they offer; see which might work for you.

— JS


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