More Utility For Dogecoin As WordPress Websites Can Now Accept DOGE Payments

More Utility For Dogecoin As WordPress Websites Can Now Accept DOGE Payments


Dogecoin has added another utility to its belt. The meme coin which has been a fan favorite has been gaining ground recently in terms of payment capability. Its community of avid supporters has been leading the charge with this and now, another developer has released a new plugin that would allow hundreds of millions of websites around the world to enable DOGE payments without any hassle.

Dogecoin For WordPress

DogeDesigner, a UI/UX and graphics designer at the Dogecoin Foundation, recently unveiled a new plugin that would allow website owners to start accepting Dogecoin payments. The plugin which was developed by a Dogecoin developer would allow more than 455 million WordPress websites to use the WooCommerce plugin as an “Easy Dogecoin Gateway.”

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The plugin is free for all website owners to add without the need for any third-party payment processor to get involved. There are no extra fees and all it requires is a simple Dogecoin wallet to be able to begin accepting crypto payments. It uses two different APIs to provide the accurate value of fiat in DOGE and also to generate QR codes to enable smooth payments on the user end.

This is obviously a welcome development for the meme coin. However, the response has not been as large as expected. As of Monday morning, three days after this payment gateway was announced, there have been fewer than 10 active installations of this plugin. It is still in the early stages though and usage may begin to pick up once users confirm that it is working as intended.

Good Things For DOGE

Even though the meme coin has not been in the best of positions with its price, there have been major things happening that continue to prop up community morale. One of these is Jeff Bezos, one of the world’s richest men, following Dogecoin co-creator Billy Markus on Twitter.

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The Dogecoin founder who already boasts a number of high-profile followings saw the Amazon kingpin join in. Markus whose Twitter feed is filled with tweets about cryptocurrencies came back into the market last year and is already an important figure in the space.

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Amazon still does not accept any cryptocurrency for its services but members of the Doge community have taken to Twitter to praise this move by the Amazon CEO to follow Markus. One user noted that “it means a lot for Doge” that Bezos is now following the founder.

On the price side of things, Doge has had a shaky start to the week. The early hours of Monday saw the meme coin lose about 5% of its value to be trading at $0.115 at the time of this writing. 

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