Losak, Martinez Pushback On Pereira’s Abusive Personality – Only In Bridgeport®

Losak, Martinez Pushback On Pereira’s Abusive Personality – Only In Bridgeport®


A few years ago Helen Losak and Maria Pereira ran for school board together on the failed “For The Students Of Bridgeport” campaign.

If you miss a City Council meeting the minutes of the meeting should be required reading. The public speaking portion of the last council session was quite a doozy with urban warrior Helen Losak and former City Council member Eneida Martinez pointing out the peculiar proclivities of City Councilwoman Maria Pereira whose salacious bent alternates between burrowing into the private parts of her targets and blowtorching enemies in letters, social media and phone messages.

Camel toes and horny toads are kinda her thing.

Losak and Pereira, once compadres, had a visceral falling out. That’s not unexpected with Pereira’s truculence. The question isn’t whether she’ll turn on someone but who will be next. The line of victims is longer than the ones at M&T Bank branches.

Pereira and Bradley had a short-lived alliance on the school board.

Losak and Pereira both reside on Bradley Street in the city’s 138th District that Pereira represents. It appears Pereira so fascinates her street name that she endorsed – “I know this sounds a little nuts.” – recently defeated State Senator Dennis Bradley in an August primary after describing him “unethical, dishonest and sleazy as they come” urging her constituents to vote for him over Herron Gaston so that Juliemar Ortiz who botched her primary signature drive would have a better chance of winning the seat in the general election. Well, okay, except Pereira didn’t bother to circulate petition sheets on behalf of Ortiz.

At the last council meeting Losak shared, with Pereira present, the latest chapter of Pereira’s menacing personality involving a June altercation because Losak dared to converse with Gemeem Davis, a leader of the  Bridgeport Generation Now civic group. Retired Superior Court Judge Carmen Lopez, according to the minutes, intervened. Pereira keeps score of people who talk to her enemies. It gnaws at her like a flesh-eating bacteria.

From the minutes:

The minutes of the meeting continue with Losak explaining Lopez’s intervention:

Eneida Martinez weighed in as well at Pereira. From the minutes:

Bridgeport politics can be a contact sport. How about a special steel cage match for charity at the arena between Martinez and Pereira?

I’m going with Martinez.









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