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Lefsetz Letter » Blog Archive » Biden’s Speech


You attack when you’re winning, and right now the tide has turned in favor of the Democrats.

The biggest winner last night? Social media scribe Taylor Lorenz, who Tucker Carlson called out as one of Joe Biden’s foremost advisors, even though there’s no evidence he’s aware of who she is: https://bit.ly/3TEJGon This is what you want, crossover news. The key is to be prominent in your field and unafraid to take a stand to the point you’re on the radar of those not in your sphere and they call you out. And forget all the B.S. entertainment press, it’s all politics, 24/7 in America today. That’s where you make your bones. The Kardashians? Making all that money? Everybody knows the odds of making that kind of cash in America today are impossibly long. So these two-dimensional “entertainers” are ignored by the tastemakers, the newsmakers, those who truly control our country. I’m not saying the young hoi polloi don’t pay attention, but they’re just in the throes of growing up, they don’t know how the world works yet. And as important as money is, the way to win is through IDEAS!

That’s how Donald Trump triumphed. It wasn’t untold spending, it was spreading a message that people agreed with, that resonated with them. And channeling their anger. Why be fair to Hillary and the Democrats when you feel like you’re off their radar, and have been abandoned financially?

Enough of this upper middle class Trump supporter B.S. They may have enough money to travel to D.C., but it’s the rank and file, those who work with their hands, who may not work at all, who supported him, as the Donald said, he loves the poorly educated!

And confronted with Trump’s ascension, what did the intelligentsia, the left wing media do? Studied the problem. Took no action. It was a college seminar taught and peopled by the out of touch, yes the coastal elites. Who really want nothing to do with THOSE PEOPLE! And believe me, THOSE PEOPLE KNOW IT!

And then along comes Joe Biden. Who went to the University of Delaware, which is known for…I CAN’T THINK OF ANYTHING!

That was supposedly Joe’s ace in the hole, his ability to relate to the working man. Something leading Democrats used to specialize in until they all became billionaires and couldn’t stop saying they knew better than the rest of us. I’m pissed! Just because I’m not rich I don’t deserve a seat at the table?

Of course rich fat cats out for themselves have ruled the Republican Party forever, but now they’ve lost control of it. The tail wags the dog. People love Obamacare. They think the rich should be taxed more, as well as the corporations. And they want abortion rights.

Not everybody, of course, but the MAJORITY does. And the majority has been disillusioned for years, believing nobody is standing up for their rights. So what did they do? THEY STAYED HOME! Why bother to vote when it doesn’t make a difference.

And then came Kansas.

That was a wake-up call. Turns out Americans are pissed, and the media had no idea. But the individuals who showed up at the voting booth in the Sunflower State are sick and tired of a rigged game where their rights are trampled.

Yes, the Republicans pushed it too far. They lost touch with the public at large. People don’t only want abortion rights, they want gun control too. Meanwhile, the Republicans keep trampling on their desires and… Yes, it keeps getting worse, to the point, once again, that you don’t vote.

And what do the Democrats do? They buy the right wing canard that Biden, the entire party, is beholden to far left extremists. Yes, they attack their own! What kind of bizarre world do we live in where the supposed party of the people attacks their number one spokesperson to the youth? I’m talking about AOC, young people can relate to her. Graduating from college, working in a bar. As for all the cries that she’s too outspoken, these are from the same people who say the Millennials are entitled and Gen-Z is even worse! They won’t even come into the office, goddammit! And they don’t want to work eighty hours a week, they want to be treated like human beings, and you’re pissing on them? You need to embrace them! They’re making new people every day. The youth are our future. And there are more youthful political leaders on the right than the left. There’s not much of a Democratic bench. And the boomers who control the Democratic Party like it this way, which is a recipe for death!

So for years, the right has been bullying the left. And what has been the response of the left? TO COWER! They’re afraid of pissing the right off, they might get hit harder. I mean didn’t anybody on the left go to public school? YOU STAND UP TO BULLIES!

Which is exactly what Joe Biden did last night.

I used to respond to the hatred in my inbox. Stuff you wouldn’t let your wife read, never mind your mother. And when I hit back, they always cried! Why’d you do that man, why’d you hurt me? You didn’t have to do that. I mean I’m here struggling…

Yeah, so why did you send such heinous e-mail?

People love to hide behind anonymity, but you can only build your reputation if you own your actions, with your real name.

Which is what Democrats have been afraid to do. They’ll say almost nothing worthwhile that can be attributed to them. Schumer? He keeps saying his hands are tied. This guy would have been pulled from the game in Little League. Let him carry the water, be the ball boy, but this guy can’t PLAY!

And then Joe Biden played last night. And what did his minions say and do? ALMOST NOTHING! Check not only the news, but social media. The Republicans are out in force, the Democrats…are silent.

I mean this is what we’ve been looking for for decades. Enough with the Obama love, its akin to the Reagan adulation, I mean what did each actually do? Yes, we give Obama healthcare, and Reagan…Communism was gonna fall anyway. Meanwhile, Joe Biden pulls out a legislative win, albeit late and not as big as it should have been. And then he eliminates college debt. The right can take big actions, throw the long ball, but not the left? Bottom line, almost all the recipients are poor, many people of color. After all, if they’d had the money THEY WOULDNT HAVE ANY DEBT! The right is up in arms, but the compassionate left, which needs to be emboldened, is all for it. Climbing the societal ladder is too difficult, people need help. As for the selfish… Is this how far we’ve come, we’ve got to worry about the selfish, that’s a respectable constituency, in a world where Jackson, Mississippi has no running water?

So Biden lays it out there and what does the right do? SQUIRM, say it’s unfair! How dare you piss on them! As if they haven’t been pissing on the rest of us for years. It’s not like these elected officials and commentators had anything positive to say, proposals for legislation, a future roadmap… Biden was right, they all want to go back to a past that didn’t exist in the first place!

As for all the bloviators on the right… Let them rant and rave, it’s just preaching to an echo chamber that will never ever vote Democratic anyway. And there are more Democrats than Republicans which is why the Republicans have been on a scorched-earth campaign to eliminate voting rights, because in a fair election, THEY’RE AFRAID THEY’LL LOSE!

That’s another thing that’s pissed off the majority. Making it harder to vote and making their vote not count. They’re angry. But have felt powerless!

And then, for the first time in eons, the leader of the teetering free world, the Democratic President of the United States, stands up and speaks truth and gives people HOPE!

That’s what it’s all about folks. With hope you’re inspired. We’ve been waiting for Mr. Smith to come to Washington and last night he did. He called out the corruption, the falsehoods, the crap that we the people have been enduring for far too long!

DOUBLE DOWN! That’s my message to the Democrats. Push the button!

The other big social media story is the castration of CNN. Enough with the Zaslav love. Letting John Malone control the news is like letting a pedophile babysit. Somehow CNN and MSNBC are biased and Fox is not? And enough with this two-sideism. That’s like having the robber spouting his justification to the robbed. THERE IS NO JUSTIFICATION!

This could be a turning point, if the Democratic Party would just follow their leader, and ramp up and take action. You can’t win a war without soldiers. How come the right knows this and the left does not?

As for the right’s blowback… DON’T YOU GET IT, MOST PEOPLE DON’T EVEN SEE IT!

And when the right blows back you know you’ve won. Because the truth gets exposure in their camp. This is what happens when you make the news and the others do not. That’s the biggest problem in our country, the inability to reach and inform everybody. And the only person who can do so is the president. Trump understood this, and now Biden does too!

It all comes down to the ballot box. The media and the pollsters have been wrong time and again. Because their procedures don’t fit the modern paradigm. I’ve been getting endless texts asking me to weigh in with my political opinions. What do I do with them? I BLOCK THE NUMBERS! I ain’t got time for that crap, I ain’t got time for anything that doesn’t move the ball forward, and these polls do not.

And when you use a crisis to beg for money… Can’t you ask anything else of me, than to give money to a campaign for someone who is probably rich to begin with? It’s not about money, it’s about hearts and minds, that’s how Bernie Sanders did so well in the last two presidential election cycles. Turns out there is more money in small donors than big. People felt Bernie was standing up for THEM, meanwhile these poseurs texting and calling me for money are faceless twats trying to build a career while many of us are home struggling with few options other than a minimum wage job as a service person.

Oh, things are bad in America. Everybody believes the game is rigged, they’re just looking for an edge, or completely deflated. The right is just angry Joe Biden gave the majority of America hope.

Hell, you should see my inbox. Uninformed hate. A constant forwarding of articles supporting their right wing extremism when a simple Google will tell you these sites are biased without credibility.

And then there are those who resort to epithets.

I’ve learned to grow a thick skin, that’s what we all need to do. Joe Biden has shown us the way. You’ve got to wake up at some point, you’ve got to fight for your right to do more than party. And we’ve got them on the run anyway. This Mar-a-Lago search and rescue… The more that comes out, the worse Trump looks. You can tell this by the fact that the right has stopped talking about it!

We’re all sick and tired of the bullies. God, Lindsey Graham and the rest of the wankers who went from Trump-haters to Trump-supporters, they’re no different from the wimps in high school who pay fealty to the bully for protection. And when the bully finally falls, they’re ostracized. No one wants anything to do with those without a backbone, who are afraid to stand up for truth and justice for the benefit of us all.

Like I said, so far elected officials have left Biden hanging, out there alone. He needs support! As for that bogus poll saying his speech worked against him, yeah, and then there were the polls that said that Trump couldn’t win and then there’s that new theory that people tell pollsters what they want to hear, afraid of having an unpopular opinion.

Because if you take sides, like I have above, you’re thrust into the thick of it, you’re going to be attacked. But welcome to 2022. You’re attacked on social media, just grow a thicker skin. Which is why all that anti-bullying crap never works, it’s never about kumbaya, but standing up to the bullies, hitting them right in the face, it’s the only thing that works, sorry if you believe otherwise.

You’ve got to teach bullies a lesson. Otherwise they just get more intense and powerful and hit you ever harder.

And it’s always the same. it’s only the minority who support the bully.

This is war. Has been for years. It’s just that Joe Biden is saying so.

Don’t let the truth scare you, OWN IT!

Staying out of the fray never wins the war, nor does appeasement, just ask Neville Chamberlain.

If you don’t think democracy is teetering, you must be one of those people supporting authoritarianism. That’s what we want over here, right? Putin? Orban? Salman?

Better to fight now than later, it’s so much harder when you’ve lost not only ground, but the government. The right has been fighting for years, now it’s the left’s time. Give Biden credit, he stood up to the bullies, he acted as a leader, he said what we all felt, THIS IS WHAT WE’VE BEEN LOOKING FOR!



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