Learning, not COVID, the focus of this school year

Learning, not COVID, the focus of this school year


The majority of the Hastings Prince Edward District School Board’s almost 15,000 students will be learning in-person this school year.

Director of Education Katherine MacIver says only a small number of families have chosen to continue with virtual learning.

She says while COVID has not gone away, it is taking a backseat to the learning and socializing students need.

“We’ll have masks available to students, certainly cleaning still going on. You know, some precautions in our schools to make sure our classrooms are healthy and well. But we’re really excited to get back to learning as the focus and all the things that schools do for students.”

Regular activities including extra curriculars will return.

“This time last year we were worried about co-horting and keeping kids in groups and, and to be able to have more students to interact with and not have to keep our classrooms all to themselves, it opens up lots of opportunities in our schools.”

MacIver adds the school board is also offering lots of support for returning students who need a little extra help.

“You know, around mentally healthy classrooms but also tutoring support. So, you know if families are worried that these past couple of years may have affected their students academically, we have supports to be able to offer them. So, if a family is listening to this and they’re interested, they should get in contact with their school.”

Students with the public and catholic boards return to school September 6.

French language students returned Tuesday.


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