Learn How to Convert Figma Files to a Block Theme and Take Block Patterns to the Next Level – WP Tavern

Learn How to Convert Figma Files to a Block Theme and Take Block Patterns to the Next Level – WP Tavern


If you’re not following Learn WordPress Online Workshops on Meetup.com, you may be missing out on some high quality events. WordPress experts from across the world have been collaborating on virtual events with instruction at the same caliber of excellence that you might find at an in-person WordCamp.

On Thursday, August 18, at 3:00 PM EDT, WP Engine-sponsored developer advocate Nick Diego will be hosting an online workshop titled Taking Block Patterns to the Next Level. Diego will be uncovering “some lesser-known pattern implementations:”

In addition to a review of how to register patterns in block themes, a new method introduced in WordPress 6.0, you will learn how to create semantic, contextual, and page creation patterns. We will also review multiple real-world examples of this advanced functionality that you can apply to your own projects.

Diego identified the following learning objectives for participants in this workshop:

  • Learn how to register a pattern in a block theme as well as with the designated registration function.
  • Learn what properties are available to patterns during registration.
  • Learn what semantic, contextual, and page creation patterns are and how to use them.

This session is aimed at intermediate to advanced builders and will be held via Zoom in English with live Zoom transcription. More than 127 people have already signed up to attend this free workshop.

Later in the week, WP Engine-sponsored developer advocate Damon Cook and Automattic-sponsored WordPress educator Sarah Snow will be conducting a workshop for block theme builders titled Figma to Block Theme. This follows up a previous session called Design with Figma where participants learned how to use the WordPress.org Figma community’s Theme Template file to get started with block theme design. That session is already available on WordPress.tv.

Theme authors interested in learning how to convert Figma design files into a block theme can catch this event on Friday, Aug 19 at 3:00 PM EDT. Cook and Snow will demonstrate how to set up colors, typography, and more. Anyone interested can sign up to attend online for free.


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