IXO Iconic Xtrem Objects Bugatti carbon fiber pool table

IXO Iconic Xtrem Objects Bugatti carbon fiber pool table


Spanish company IXO (Iconic Xtrem Objects) has unveiled a collaborative pool table with Bugatti. Known for its state-of-the-art carbon fiber applications and craftsmanship, the collaborative pool table contains both the design expertise and a level of luxury that both names are known for.

The handcrafted pool table features carbon fiber, titanium, billet aluminum, and aniline leather (the same kind found in Bugatti’s hypercars) construction, and has smart tech like light-up markers, several presence sensors, a 13-inch touchscreen with an operating system, Siemens servo-motorized and illuminated drawers, and an automated gyroscopic leveling system with motorized elevation.

Completing the package is a Bugatti pool table lamp, Bugatti cue support, a carbon fiber triangular rack, and a set of Aramith Tournament Pro competition balls. Made in extremely limited quantity, there will be five produced this year with another 25 coming in the future. This over-to-top pool table will also cost a small fortune coming in at a little over $300,000 USD.

In other design news, Bentley Home’s 2021 collection is threaded with actual marble powder.


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