how to stay stylish while protecting against monkeypox – The Elm

how to stay stylish while protecting against monkeypox – The Elm


By Liv Barry

Lifestyle Editor

As students return to school, beach trips and barbecues celebrate one last hurrah, and music
festivals like Firefly and All Things Go approach, there is rising concern across the country over
the spread of the monkeypox virus.
Many typical end of summer activities could potentially exacerbate the spread of monkeypox
which is transmitted via skin-to-skin contact with infected individuals.
To mitigate the spread, the Center for Disease Control and Protection advises individuals to
cover as much skin as possible to avoid skin-to-skin contact.
According to the CDC, “Festivals, events, and concerts where attendees are fully clothed and
unlikely to share skin-to-skin contact are safer.”
However, summer heat is anticipated to last well into Sept., making it difficult to assemble an
outfit that both protects from monkeypox and keeps you cool.
To beat the heat and keep you safe, here are some items you can incorporate into your
wardrobe for the upcoming months.

Lightweight sweaters
As popularized by the Heaven by Marc Jacobs line, lightweight knitwear is an excellent option
for those looking to cover up their arms without overheating.
The Marc Jacobs Superstar sweater was spotted on celebrities like Bella Hadid and the
computer-generated influencer Lil’ Miquela. While these sweaters sell for almost $200, stylish
dupes can be found on online shopping outlets like Jaded London, emmiol, and Walmart.
Fishnet sweaters are another affordable alternative. Their breathable style allows wearers to
layer tops underneath to give the look dimension.
These sweaters can be found anywhere from Zara to your local thrift store.

Midi skirts
This summer saw the renaissance of the “midi skirt.” Characterized by their lightweight material
and mid-calf length, midi skirts can either be dressed up or down for whatever the occasion calls

In July, influencer Emma Chamberlain went viral after sharing her midi-skirt styling tips on her
podcast “Anything Goes.”
“If it’s hot out, I basically wear the exact same thing; long skirt, scrunched up socks, a pair of
loafers and then a basic tank top,” said Chamberlain, inspiring thousands of TikTok users to
recreate the outfit in their own videos.
While a tank top is not an ideal piece for protecting against monkeypox, the midi skirt and
scrunched sock combination is a great way to cover up your legs while staying cool.

Linen button-ups
For those still itching to show off some skin, a linen button-up can be thrown over a revealing
top in order to stay protected.
Linen button-ups are eternally stylish, with a different iteration seen trending in every decade.
Today, button-ups are most commonly associated with the “That Girl” trend, in which young
women are encouraged to don business casual pieces like blazers and button-ups to maximize
their productivity.
Business casual chic is not for everyone, but linen shirts can be found in a plethora of colors
and patterns to suit one’s personal style.

Bandanas and scarves
To cover up while wearing a low-cut top, bandanas and scarves are a great option to cover your
upper chest and collarbones.
Accessories elevate any outfit, and scarves are no exception. A lightweight scarf or bandana
tied around the neck gives an outfit edge while serving a dual purpose; if you get overheated, a
bandana or scarf can work to wipe off your sweat when needed.

Inspired by regency-era media like “Bridgerton” and “Persuasion,” long gloves made a splash in
fashion this year.

According to StyleCaster, celebrities like Olivia Rodrigo, Dua Lipa, and Barbie Ferreira were all
been pictured sporting gloves this year.
Long gloves are one of the best fashion items to protect against monkeypox. They keep hands,
which are one of the body parts most likely to make contact with monkeypox lesions, covered
up in style.
Affordable options can be found on Amazon, Etsy, and Windsor.

Photo courtesy of Grace Hazlehurst

Photo Caption: Freshman Melchior Tuerk models an outfit, complete with lightweight pants and a
long-sleeved jacket, to stay stylish and cool while protecting against direct skin-to-skin contact.


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