Hold On, Bugatti’s Pool Table Costs How Much? U.S. Customer Buys First One

Hold On, Bugatti’s Pool Table Costs How Much? U.S. Customer Buys First One

Bugatti is famous for its ultra-fast hypercars such as the record-breaking Chiron. It is currently finalizing the extra-special Centodieci hypecar while building the bulk of orders from its discerning customers. Bugatti, however, is also offering pool tables made from the same materials as its supercars. In fact, the first officially licensed Bugatti Pool Table is heading to a customer in the United States.

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A High-Tech Carbon Fiber Pool Table

The Bugatti Pool Table is built by IXO, a known designer and specialist of carbon fiber product construction. Available in limited quantities, the pool table is finished in carbon fiber with a strong frame underpinned by machined aluminum and titanium. The sides of its drawers are made from CNC-machined, brushed and anodized aluminum, while the leather-lined ball pockets are made from stainless steel.


As developed, the Bugatti Pool Table can make it possible to play pool on a yacht, which movements could spoil the game. This is thanks to an optional servo-driven system with an installed gyroscopic sensor that could level the pool table, in case of ship movements. Each leg is designed to move to compensate for the ship movement, adjusting in just five milliseconds to keep the table perfectly level.

First Bugatti Pool Table Inspired By The Divo

Bugatti Pool Table
Via Bugatti

This U.S.-bound Bugatti Pool Table is inspired visually by the highly customizable Bugatti Divo (as chosen by the customer). To mark the pool table’s exclusivity, it comes with a distinct plate displaying the iconic Bugatti logo and an engraved limited-edition number (1 of 30). As the number indicates, only 30 examples of the Bugatti Pool Table is available for grabs, each made according to the customer’s taste and preferences. Bugatti’s pool table costs nearly $300,000 to own.

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This Bugatti Pool Table is accompanied by a number of complimentary items, including a wall-mounted carbon fiber cue support with a 13-inch, high-resolution touch screen (for recording scores). The carbon fiber pool cues have anodized, CNC-machined aluminum ends featuring the same design as the buttons in the Chiron and Divo.

Each Bugatti Pool Table also comes with an anodized aluminum chalk box, as well as a Bugatti leather suitcase for the set of Aramith Tournament Pro balls.

Part Of The Bugatti Lifestyle Collection

Bugatti Pool Table Cue Holder
Via Bugatti

As to why Bugatti offers pool tables aside from powerful supercars, the French brand from Molsheim found it necessary to express its identity and heritage through an exclusive selection of accessories, toys, and even clothing. The Bugatti Lifestyle collection includes dozens of various items is inspired by the supercar maker’s masterpieces. The artistic designs of the collection essentially trace the history of Bugatti and its vehicles.

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