Former planning commissioner Lynna Lan Tien Nguyen Do running for Dublin City Council | News

Former planning commissioner Lynna Lan Tien Nguyen Do running for Dublin City Council | News

Lynna Lan Tien Nguyen Do, former member of the city’s Planning Commission, has solidified a spot in the race for Dublin City Council in the upcoming Nov. 8 election.

Do has most recently been employed in the private sector and previously worked in public service and government. She currently serves on several boards and commissions, including the Universal Human Rights Initiative.

“As someone who has dedicated her life to public service and believing that I should be an active member of the community, City Council felt like my next step in public service,” Do told the Weekly. “I have always wanted to serve and have a seat at the table to enact change.”

Do is one of three candidates to qualify for the ballot with two at-large council seats up for grabs, facing current Vice Mayor Jean Josey and Planning Commission alternate member Kashef Qaadri. At least one of the seats is guaranteed to change hands, with current Councilmember Shawn Kumagai opting not to seek re-election as he is one of the finalists on the ballot for State Assembly District 20.

A Dublin local for over 10 years and longtime resident of the greater Bay Area, Do emphasized the connection she felt with the region and her drive to positively impact the community she calls home. If elected, she said she would work toward unifying the city and improving public transit, according to Do.

Her campaign ethos will focus on enacting three key values throughout the city — change, compassion and community.

“My major campaign issue is community and compassion. I believe this is important because right now there is an underlying division of the city,” Do said. “We should not be viewing ourselves as two Dublins; we need to view ourselves as one Dublin.”

Do has received endorsements by various local community activists and organizers, including LGBTQ+ advocate and writer Neil Pople. She said she aims to connect with the younger generation and provide encouragement through her platform.

“I want to empower the future leaders of this city. I will work with the Youth Commission, school district and schools to create a place where the youth of Dublin can call their own and feel pride, ownership, and accomplishment,” Do said. “We need a safe space for our youth and future.”

If obtaining the council seat, Do would also like to pursue the progression and completion of the Downtown Dublin Preferred Vision project. The project was initially approved by City Council in 2019 and is set to see action over the next five decades.

“The future of Dublin is one that includes a well-established downtown, where the community can gather and enjoy our city with other members of the community,” Do said. “I want to see a Dublin where everyone has a sense of pride and belonging.”

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