Export Google Docs to WordPress Automatically With DocPress

Export Google Docs to WordPress Automatically With DocPress


DocPress is a simple tool designed to increase productivity by drastically cutting down valuable man-hours spent exporting Google Docs to WordPress.

Typing on Google Docs is the fun part of penning things down. But this fun immediately goes away when one has to copy-paste from Doc to WordPress. For one, doing this entails ensuring that the format and styles still stay the same, which is no mean task. For another, there are no guarantees that this would actually be the case. It is not uncommon, therefore, for people to spend as much as 20 – 30 minutes transferring a single article from one medium to the other. To resolve this issue and also save valuable man hours, DocPress has come up with a lightning quick way of copy-pasting from Google Docs to WordPress.

DocPress is a radical new software that enables one to add blog posts to their WordPress site directly from Google Docs, thereby increasing productivity. With this tool, one can write blogs posts and collaborate in Google Docs as usual. That means that one can easily create H1, H2, H3, add links, bold text or use any other styles. Also, adding images is super simple as they only need to be automatically imported. 

In addition, DocPress has an SEO content analyzer that checks for 8 SEO key points directly from Google Docs so as to improve one’s Google score. There is also the export docs option that enables one to, of course, export Google Docs to WordPress in one piece. Then there is the fact that one can automatically publish on multiple blogs with just one click. 

Basically, using DocPress is as simple as following these steps:

–  Write and format article in Google Doc, including adding images, links and heading.
–  Open DocPress
–  Perform an SEO analysis
–  Export article 

DocPress can be set up in two minutes or less and is ideal for bloggers, editors, agencies, in-house teams, publishers, and affiliates.

Users of DocPress only have good things to say about the tool ever since its launch. According to one, “DocPress.it is Amazing! Loved the tool so much as it allowed me to rapidly transfer my Google Docs documents directly to my WordPress website with little to no effort. Alex, along with making a great tool, offers great support to his customers. That said, I loved the tool and recommend it to all WordPress users that already use Google Docs for their content production.”

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