Dev Squad Is Offering The Best Specialized WordPress Speed Optimization Service

Dev Squad Is Offering The Best Specialized WordPress Speed Optimization Service


Dev Squad, a custom software development company based in Dhaka, Bangladesh, has launched a new website that highlights its WordPress development services such as plugin development, website development, malware removal, maintenance, speed optimization, and theme customization.

Dev Squad’s WordPress speed optimization service supercharges the capabilities of the popular web development platform. WordPress is a complex content management system that has a lot of components, the poor configuration of any one of which can lead to dramatically slow website load times. There are several reasons why a WordPress site may have poor performance including poor quality hosting, a lack of caching, reliance on outdated or poorly optimized plugins, a lack of image compression, and more. Slow websites are penalized by Google as they constitute a poor user experience and are consequently demoted in search rankings.

Dev Squad is equipped with the technical know-how to do a thorough audit of a WordPress website’s health and speed it up to an acceptable level of performance which will reduce the bounce rate and increase engagement with its target audience. Dev Squad’s list of WordPress optimization techniques includes migrating the website to a high-performing web host, optimizing the server, configuring the cache plugin for maximum responsiveness, optimizing the images and media on the website, fixing redirect issues, incorporating Google fonts, configuring the CDN (Content Delivery Network), third-party code optimization, cleaning up the information base such as unused or leftover plugins and plugin database tables, plugin consolidation, resource unloading, improved analytics, bloat removal, implementing the WordPress Heartbeat API, blocking bad spam bots, tweaking existing code, decreasing the number of CSS and JS scripts used on the website, and streamlining WooCommerce scripts for eCommerce websites.

Companies that want to establish their own unique identity on the web can take advantage of Dev Squad’s WordPress theme customization service. WordPress themes dictate the look of the website and also determine its functionality. By customizing the WordPress theme, websites can stand apart from the crowd and incorporate bold designs that are in line with how the brand wants to portray itself. Dev Squad can help clients customize a theme by changing its look, feel, and usefulness, customize a child theme, set up a theme with default modules and demo content, add custom functionality that is only possible through code tweaks, integrate AMP, integrate and customize plugins, integrate and customize eCommerce plugins, customize the Admin Panel, create responsive layouts, optimize speed, and more. Businesses can rest assured that the quality of the code that will be delivered will be up to industry standards as Dev Squad claims on its website that its developers “compose spotless, reliable, and exceptionally organized code consistent with W3C guidelines to guarantee the most extreme execution and error-free result.”

Finally, for any functionality that businesses feel is sorely missing in their current WordPress install, Dev Squad also offers WordPress plugin development services. These services can be more than just a way to make websites handle business-specific tasks that are not readily available as an existing package. Custom plugins can be a competitive advantage as well, especially if the business is going up against other established brands in its industry. Dev Squad’s team of resourceful WordPress experts can create custom plugins from scratch, modify existing plugins with its client’s requirements, create integrations for third-party software, maintain business-critical plugins, and improve the user experience for poorly designed but essential plugins already in use.

Dev Squad has been helping clients all over the world run their online businesses smoothly and effortlessly for over 16 years. The company employs more than 250 technology experts who have served more than 150 international clients in industries such as FinTech, Travel & Hospitality, MedTech, Logistics, Media & Entertainment, and more. The company also offers 24/7 support to ensure that its clients are always only a few moments away from getting the help they need.

Businesses can request a free quote from Dev Squad by submitting the details of their project using a contact form on its website.


For more information about Dev Squad, contact the company here:

Dev Squad
Ziaur Rahman
[email protected]
152/2M Green Road Dhaka Bangladesh 1205


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