COVID-19 vaccine is safe for children: Dr. Gao

COVID-19 vaccine is safe for children: Dr. Gao

Starting Thursday Hastings Prince Edward Public Health will be offering pediatric COVID-19 vaccine for very young children.

The vaccine was recently approved and is available for children ages six months to under five years old.

It’s a two-dose series and it’s recommended to wait eight weeks between the first and second doses.

Medical resident at the Hastings Prince Edward Health Unit, Dr Golden Gao, tells Quinte News, “We know, based on clinical studies, that the vaccine is safe. One of the most frequently reported known side effects for children, from the vaccine, is fatigue. And what else is expected from any shot?”

“Pain where the injection went in. Some redness and minor swelling. Minor swelling in the arm pit and also mild fevers, headaches, loss of appetite.”

Dr. Gao added, “At present, my understanding is that the supply we have this week for Thursday and Friday will be at the health unit. There is a limited supply.”

He continued, “We do know that most children do quite well with COVID-19 infections. They have mild symptoms. However we know that some can become very sick and require hospitalization.

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