College announces switch to Paycom payment services for campus employees – The Elm

College announces switch to Paycom payment services for campus employees – The Elm


By Sophie Foster

News Co-Editor

Washington College will be leaving behind JobX and WebAdvisor as its primary services for student employment and payment in favor of Paycom, according to an email from Director of Student Employment Darlene Ashley sent out on Sept. 5.

According to Ashley, this change will consolidate the management of payroll and the process of posting jobs into one system, and once it is completely live, JobX and WebAdvisor, the former centers for these actions on campus, will no longer be accessible for these purposes. The switch is due to be complete soon.

All students — regardless of current employment status on campus — were required to undergo a Paycom training during Sept. to learn more about this switch. The training included details about how to access campus jobs, how to input working hours, how to preview their pay, how to change their direct deposits, and how to request time off when sick, among other key features integral to working as a student. According to the email, these trainings were mandatory because the Paycom “system is a full replacement for existing Human Resources processes.”

Student Employee sophomore Iris Scherr, who is copy editor for both the Collegian and the Pegasus, attended this training along with the vast majority of the student body at one of the designated virtual training times on Sept. 6 and Sept. 8. As was the case for the rest of the campus, Scherr heard about the expectation to sign up for a training on Sept. 5.

“I haven’t interacted with Paycom yet, but training was kind of bothersome, because they didn’t give students that much of a heads up and only had [three] different appointment times…[only] one narrowly fit into my schedule,” Scherr said.

According to Scherr, they’re mostly concerned about the lack of transparency regarding when the total shift to Paycom will be taking place, since their “bosses are using WebAdvisor for now.”

Most student employees received more specific details about what to anticipate from the pending shift from their individual employers.

Senior Sammy Segeda heard about the change of services from the director of the Writing Center, where she works as a peer writing consultant.

“At first, I didn’t think the people running Paycom were being very clear, because it seemed there was confusion amongst both faculty and students, but the process of logging on and navigating the website is fairly easy,” Segeda said. “I’ll admit, I didn’t attend the training, but took the time to explore the website myself and it’s pretty self-explanatory.”

According to an email sent to Writing Center employees by Director of the Writing Center Dr. Rachel Rodriguez, while the first two weeks of paychecks were to be logged via WebAdvisor as was done in previous years, all hours taking place after Sept. 10 should be logged on Paycom instead.

Students who have not yet logged into Paycom can do so via an email sent on Friday, Sept. 2 with login details and further information. The first pay period to be conducted under the Paycom service will end on Friday, Sept. 23, so students working during that time should input their hours into Paycom rather than WebAdvisor by the end of the pay period, and anticipate their paycheck on Oct. 7. Anyone with questions regarding this change can direct them to Director of Human Resources Chee Lee at


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