Bugatti Hustled Someone In The U.S. Into Buying Its First $300,000 Pool Table

Bugatti Hustled Someone In The U.S. Into Buying Its First $300,000 Pool Table


Carbon fiber and aluminium table costs more than some supercars, comes with numbered plaque.

by Chris Chilton

September 9, 2021 at 13:31

 Bugatti Hustled Someone In The U.S. Into Buying Its First $300,000 Pool Table

by Chris Chilton

Earlier this year Bugatti added a pool table to its Lifestyle collection that cost more than plenty of peoples entire houses. But you can bet that the unnamed U.S.-based buyer’s house where the first of those $300k tables is now headed, cost rather more.

Created in conjunction with Spanish composites experts IXO, the ‘Bugatti Pool Table’ is built around an aluminium and titanium frame, finished with a combination of aluminium and carbon fiber, and looks every bit as grand as the company’s four-wheeled offerings.

The sides of the drawers are made from CNC-machined, brushed and anodized aluminum, the ball pockets are stainless steel and lined with leather, and it’s all bolted together with titanium fasteners to prevent corrosion.

More incredible than the crazy carbon finish, which would leave you terrified to stack coins on to secure the next game, pub-style, for fear of scratching it, is the gyro hardware underneath. The table was designed to be used on superyachts and has legs that can automatically adjust in just 5 milliseconds to compensate for the movement of the ship “in total silence with vibration-free adjustment”, Bugatti claims.

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The package is rounded off with a whole range of carbon accessories, including a dimmable LED ceiling light, cues and a cue storage rack that includes a 13-inch digital display to help you keep track of scores. You also get an anodized aluminium chalk box, a leather suitcase to transport the Araminth Tournament Pro balls, and a USB key presented in a CNC-machined aluminium case that contains images and videos of your table’s construction.

The tables are priced at €250,000 ($296,000) and production is limited to 30 units, each featuring a numbered plaque. You can, of course, have yours trimmed to match your superyacht. But if you’re hopeless at pool, it’s not going to turn you into Efren “The Magician” Reyes, any more than buying a Chiron is going to help you drive like Lewis Hamilton.


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