Best WordPress Backup Plugins Features & Pricing Guide 2022

Best WordPress Backup Plugins Features & Pricing Guide 2022


Are you searching for the best WordPress backup plugins? Desire to instantly revive your site without losing crucial data post a crash? Browse our article to learn about the top WordPress backup plugins.

WordPress (WP) backup plugins protect against website crashes due to untoward events like hacks, virus attacks, spyware, heavy traffic, incorrect codes, accidental deletions, human errors, etc. They periodically backup site databases, files, documents, themes, images, etc., and ensure immediate restores in the event of a collapse. Moreover, competent plugins keep the latest updates intact, prevent sensitive information leaks, and migrate sites smoothly.

While most web hosting packages include complimentary backups for free or at a nominal fee, your backup comes in handy in case of issues with the hosting server. Thus, read ahead to know the critical evaluation parameters to choose an appropriate plugin and the popular WP backup solutions.

Best WordPress Backup Plugins For 2022?

Each plugin listed below has the “must have” features. We have covered every plugin’s main features and pricing as of August 5, 2022. For up-to-date information on new features or add-ons, regularly visit their official websites and social media handles.

1) BackupBuddy – The Best WordPress Backup Plugin For Database And Files Backup

BackupBuddy - The Best WordPress Backup Plugin For Database And Files Backup

BackupBuddy is a comprehensive WordPress backup solution safeguarding users from security threats like malware, domain expiry, server crashes, DNS errors, wrong commands, erased files, etc. It is a single plugin for complete database & WP file backups, off-site storage in protected locations, and site restoration.

Moreover, BackupupBuddy is helpful in cloning, staging, and deploying sites. It also aids in effortlessly moving sites to new hosts/servers, replacing URLs, and modifying domains.

Notable features:

  • 5-step complete WordPress site backup.
  • Backups are preserved as downloadable zip files.
  • Tailor-made backup contents.
  • E-mail notifications.
  • Auto-scheduled backups with varying periodicities (hourly, daily, twice a day, monthly, yearly, etc.)
  • Importbuddy for site migrations, restorations, and database rollbacks.
  • Stash Live for real-time cloud backups.
  • WordPress Optimization with mass text substitution, interactive website directory maps, personalized storage limits, files & database tables exclusion, etc


  • 30-day free trial
  • Yearly subscription plans start at $80, including 1GB of Stash storage space.
  • Plugin Suite is available for $499 per annum.

2) Boldgrid – Simple And Best Automated Remote WP Backups  Plugin

Boldgrid - Simple And Best Automated Remote WP Backups  Plugin

Boldgrid is a premium WordPress backup plugin suite enabling theme customizations, load-time reductions, site launches, updates, transitions, and restorations. It also facilitates website designing, testing, prototyping, sharing, spinning, and staging. Moreover, BoldGrid provides automated remote backups, a simple & agile workflow management system, and branding tools for higher page rankings.

Noteworthy features:

  • WordPress website builder with 200+ templates and page builder tools like widgets, drag & drop editor, blocks, etc
  • Crio SuperTheme with 500+ customization options and granular design controls
  • Total Cache and Speed Coach for enhanced site speeds
  • Cloud WordPress for cloud backups, collaborations, 15+ installations with no expiry date, quicker migrations, etc.


  • Each plugin is priced differently.
  • Total Upkeep – the exclusive plugin for timed backups and rollbacks, costs $2.50 monthly.

3) Updraftplus – The Most Trusted And The Top Rated WordPress Backup Plugin

Updraftplus - The Most Trusted And The Top Rated WordPress Backup Plugin

UpdraftPlus is the most trusted and the best WordPress backup plugin globally. Successfully tested in multiple scenarios and installed on innumerable servers, UpdraftPlus enables complete manual/automated backups every 2/4/8/12 hours, daily, weekly, bi-monthly, and monthly. Moreover, users can restore files directly from the WordPress Control Panel.

Premium features:

  • Site cloning & migrations.
  • Incremental backups.
  • Expert helpdesk.
  • Auto-backups before plugin, core, or theme updates
  • 100% backup of databases, WP files, and non-WP files
  • Multi-site & network security.
  • Timed backup creations, deletions, and retentions
  • Table & external mySQL database backups.
  • Database encryption.
  • Advanced reporting functionalities
  • Importer for restoring backups from other plugins
  • Password-lock to restrict backup access.
  • Direct optimizations from the WP command line interface
  • Ad-free UX.
  • Embedded and additional cloud storage
  • Multiple website backup


  • The basic plan is free.
  • Premium plans begin at $70/month.
  • Paid packs provide a 1GB free subscription to UpdraftVault and free tokens for Updraftclone.

4) BackWPup – The Best Plugin To Backup WordPress With Google Drive

BackWPup - The Best Plugin To Backup WordPress With Google Drive

Boasting 700K+ users, 12M+ downloads, and 13+ years of existence, BackWPup is a WP Backup plugin providing backup archive administration & encryption, complete backup & automatic restorations, detailed e-mail log reports, and WP-XML export. Besides, users can backup to their web spaces, networks, S3 services, FTPs, and cloud storage drives (Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft Azure, SugarSync, etc.)

Outstanding features:

  • Encoded backup restoration.
  • Log file administration.
  • New domain migrations
  • Multisite & personal premium support
  • In-built wizard for running system tests and creating backup jobs.
  • Extensive documentation.
  • Database scanning.
  • Computerized updates through Inpysde.


  • Membership plans start at $69/year.
  • The minimum annual renewal cost is $39.

5) BackUpWordpress – Best Free WordPress Backup Plugin For Low-Memory Shared Host Environments

BackUpWordpress - Best Free WordPress Backup Plugin For Low-Memory Shared Host Environments

BackUpWordpress is the best WordPress backup plugin for low-memory shared host environments. It requires zero setups and offers translations for Romanian, Spanish, Chinese, Serbian, Dutch, Czech, German, Serbian, Basque, Italian, Russian, and Lithuanian. Besides, it helps manage multiple schedules and is Windows & Linux-compatible.

Important features:

  • Backup files e-mail option.
  • Zip and mysqldump for instant backups.
  • Exclusion of specified files/folders from backups
  • Default storage of the last ten backups.
  • Database restoration and importing.
  • The server storage of backups.


6) Jetpack – Easy WordPress Backup And Restore Plugin

Jetpack - Easy WordPress Backup And Restore Plugin

Jetpack is a beginner-friendly plugin for automated WordPress backups; single-click restores offline retrievals and backend support. It requires no developers, manages site security, and ensures zero downtime. Developed explicitly for WooCommerce, Jetpack helps e-commerce sites stay GDPR-compliant and restore historical cum current purchase orders & customer data.

Significant features:

  • Compatible with major plugins and servers.
  • Complete, differential, incremental backups.
  • Active logs to determine the causes of site crashes.
  • Site modification records.
  • Unlimited restores and migrations.
  • 30-day to 365-day archives depending on the subscription plan chosen.
  • Clean version restoration.
  • Redundant copies are saved in numerous locations.
  • 269M+ site backups to date.

Pricing :

  • Paid packages start from $2.51(≈ Rs 99)/month.
  • 14-day money-back guarantee.
  • Up to 60% discount for the first year and 25% off on agency-specific plans

7) Snapcreek – Simple And Fast WordPress Backup Plugin

Snapcreek - Simple And Fast WordPress Backup Plugin

Snapcreek is a simple, ultra-fast, agile solution for WP site migrations and backups. It enables scheduled backups, cloud storage, transitions to empty directories, and site overwriting with “Drag & Drop.”

Installed by 700K+ site owners worldwide, Snapcreek helps users configure a singular site and clump it into a Duplicator package. You can use the package for creating pre-configured sites in multiple locations, saving manual configuration time.

Valued-added features

  • Archives for direct server transfers between source and destination
  • Supports large site migrations up to 100GB at a time
  • Standalone cum multisite backup.
  • Supports managed hosts like GoDaddy, WPEngine, Liquid Web, etc.
  • Streamlined 2-step and 4-step installers
  • Recovery points for instant rollbacks, protection against errors, and wrong updates
  • Custom backup limits.
  • E-mail notifications.

Pricing :

  • 60-day money-back guarantee.
  • Annual subscription plans start from $69.

8) BlogVault – Free WordPress Backup Plugin

BlogVault - Free WordPress Backup Plugin

A pioneer plugin for multisite support, BlogVault offers 24/7 free off-site storage, incremental WordPress backups, server optimization, change logs, 70% faster recovery with differential restore, and offline restorations. Trusted by 400K+ website developers internationally, BlogVault has registered 100% success of 1M+ restores.

Additional features:

  • Safe testing of site updates.
  • Staging website on the cloud.
  • Free integrated staging with one-click merge to send upgrades to the live site
  • 80% quicker migrations
  • Harmonious with 5K+ servers
  • Intelligent auto-rewrite of URLs.
  • Consolidated client reporting dashboard, collaboration, team management, and revenue growth
  • 365-day backup archives for WooCommerce.
  • Personalized table and order backups for e-commerce storefronts
  • White-label
  • Uptime tracking
  • Numerous backup copies on own and Amazon S3 servers

Pricing :

  • 7-day free trial
  • Paid plans start at $7.40 monthly
  • Customized agency pricing plans.

9) WPvivid – WordPress Website Backup Plugin

WPvivid - WordPress Website Backup Plugin

WPVivid is a popular WordPress backup plugin for creating and pushing staging sites to live sites. It establishes a staging website on a subdirectory for more secured testing of WordPress, themes, plugins, etc.

Besides, WPVivid assists in replicating and migrating sites to new hosts, domains, and remote storage. Furthermore, it periodically adds advanced features like new image cleaners, child site controls, one-click mobility, etc.

Important features:

  • Scheduled, customized, multisite, unlimited, and incremental backups.
  • Database backup encoding.
  • Immediate restores.
  • White label
  • Facilitates editing of user roles and creation of WP installs.
  • Large file filters.
  • Site optimization.
  • Backup splitting.
  • Log files.
  • E-mail notifications.
  • Backup to localhost.
  • Set backup retention.
  • User-friendly design.
  • Auto-deletion-safe.
  • Free user support.

Pricing :

  • Yearly plans from $29.
  • Lifetime packs from $99.

10) WP Time Capsule – Best Database Backup Plugin

WP Time Capsule - Best Database Backup Plugin

WP Time Capsule is the top-rated WordPress backup plugin for automatic real-time incremental backups and seamless restores with a 365-day window. It is an innovative, affordable, lightning-fast cloud backup solution for businesses, agencies, e-commerce, and portfolios.

With 9K+ happy customers, 829K+ backups taken, 1320+ GB saved, and 276K+ hours saved, WP Time Capsule is ideal for storing files & databases in your cloud storage apps.

Noteworthy features:

  • Set & forget functionality for scheduled backups
  • Testing restores and updates during staging before go-live.
  • Website warping.
  • Auto updates and pre-update backups.
  • Single-click staging movable to real-time
  • Reduces hosting storage bills.
  • Centralized dashboard featuring recent backups and errors, if any.
  • Live site cloning with one-click staging
  • Less server memory and storage space usage.
  • Facilitates white-labelling
  • Visual comparison technology for spotting visible changes post updates.


  • 30-day free trial
  • Annual subscription plans from $49
  • One-time payment plans from $149.

How To Identify The Best WordPress Backup Plugin?

With the proliferation of backup and cloud storage solutions in the market, identifying a suitable plugin is daunting. Thus, we have compiled a list of assessment criteria to help you make an informed choice below.

  1. Live backups – Most online businesses, especially e-commerce stores, require live backups and order data capture. Good plugins backup transaction information as soon as an order is placed and ensure only changes are saved instead of executing entire site backups for every update.
  2. Incremental backups – Incremental technology divides a site into smaller nuggets and duplicates the site without loading your server. The best WordPress backup plugins aid in server optimization and enhance loading speed by facilitating incremental backups.
  3. Responsive support – Users, especially first-timers, often encounter problems while setting up or using plugins for backups, transitions, and recoveries. Thus, choose plugins with a robust and responsive support team.
  4. Complete website backup – An efficient plugin must be capable of running backups on entire websites, including its databases, not just files. Hence, select plugins that perform database and complete website backups.
  5. Scheduled backups – As sites undergo frequent changes, manually monitoring and running complete site backups is strenuous. A progressive backup plugin lets you preset automated scheduled backups to save recent changes regularly, eliminating the need for constant backup tracking.

Other factors to be considered while evaluating backup plugins are off-site storage, site encryption, and security protocols.

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Which WordPress Plugin Is The Pick Of The Bunch?

Each WordPress backup plugin has unique capabilities. For instance, Jetpack is a one-stop solution for malware detection, downtime inspection, brute force attack safeguards, spam protection, etc. BlogVault is a time and cost-saving solution for complete site management. UpdraftPlus has the maximum number of advanced features and has consistently rated higher than competitors.

Thus, the best WordPress backup plugin choice varies based on your user type (individual/business/agency), affordability, and specific requirements like backup sync frequency, the number of sites supported, security, special backups, website management, performance & uptime monitoring, etc.


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