Best premium and free WordPress plugins for SEO in 2022

Best premium and free WordPress plugins for SEO in 2022


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is very tricky, and every website owner or blogger wants their site to be one of the first results for relevant search terms. But with so many other similar websites publishing content on the same topics, this becomes really hard. You will have to level up your SEO game to make sure you are in the top results on any search engine. 

If your website is on WordPress, then there are so many amazing plugins that can help you not only with basic SEO tips but also with in-depth recommendations. They can help you improve your security, page loading speed, user experience, and much more. All those little things are helping with your overall SEO score as well. Yes, still, the most challenging part of actually writing the content is up to you, but at least you will have a trusted partner in the optimization part. You need to produce engaging content that your readers will love, and the plugin you choose will tell you which keywords you need to add, where, and so on. 

SEO algorithms might change fast, and everything you have to think about when optimizing your content is a lot. This is why the right WordPress plugin will tell you if, for example, the files of your pictures are too large and make your page load slower. Being on top of all SEO best practices can be a game-changer and put you on top of search results. Let us introduce you to some of the best WordPress SEO plugins for 2022 that will become your indispensable partner. 

Free WordPress plugins for SEO in 2022

There are many free plugins for WordPress, and the SEO topic doesn’t make an exception. You can find a couple of the best ones below.

Site Kit by Google

As you can suggest, this plugin is developed by Google. This is already a sign that it is one of the best ones because it is basically helping with ranking in the most used search engine. Site Kit will allow you to analyze the data from various Google solutions in your WordPress. Google products that you can integrate into your dashboard are Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Google AdSense, Google Optimize, and more. 

It will help you reduce a lot of the plugins you need so you can see all this data in your WordPress. It will also save you so much time and optimize your workflow. On top of that, it will give you valuable insights on what you should improve in terms of SEO, website performance, customer metrics, and more.

Rank Math

Rank Math is a plugin that will offer you so many features that are very beneficial for your SEO score. It is very easy to use, and you don’t need any technical knowledge to set it up and use it. With its help, you can define metadata descriptions header titles, manipulate snippets in search results, and more. It also offers an integration with Google Search Console. The creators said they would introduce a premium version with even more capabilities later.

It is definitely a plugin that can cover all of your SEO needs. It has an option to monitor for 404 errors and a redirection module that will point those 404 pages to another helpful page on your site. Rich Snippets support is also included.

Broken links are not good for your SEO score, and this is why Broken Link Checker can help you identify them. It is a free WordPress plugin that will crawl your content for links that don’t work. If you produce a lot of content regularly, at some point, it will be hard to keep track and periodically check your older pieces and the backlinks you used there. 

Links that don’t work are bad for SEO and the impression you leave on your visitors. You usually use those links to point people to complimentary content. If they don’t work, maybe a reader won’t be able to understand your idea completely. With Broken Link Checker, you will receive a notification if a link stops working. 

Freemium and premium WordPress plugins for SEO in 2022

Many of the tools you will see below offer a free version to try out with limited functionalities and very useful premium versions packed with great options.

Yoast SEO

This is probably the best SEO plugging on WordPress. Yoast SEO is a freemium plugin that will help you with every aspect of SEO. It enables you to create better content and recommends making it even better in terms of SEO and readability. And our free version will offer you almost everything you would need. 

Of course, the premium version will give you access to so much more. You will have access to Google XML sitemap for better indexing, add and edit focus keywords for every piece of content, edit snippets for search results, set canonical URLs, etc. Managing meta descriptions and page names was never easier.


Every digital marketer knows Semrush very well. It is the perfect tool for SEO professionals, and the WordPress plugin makes it even easier to use. This plugin will offer you so much — improve SEO, content optimization, social media, paid acquisition optimization, and so on. The premium version will allow you to analyze keywords, and you will know which ones you need to include in your content.

You will be able to analyze your competitors’ strategies by checking their keywords and backlinking strategy. Like this, you can build a great marketing strategy that will improve your SEO ranking, social media, and paid acquisition because everything will work perfectly together. 


MonsterInsights will help you track your website performance and understand your users better on top of improving your SEO performance. Analyzing your website performance is so important because based on that, you can make a strategy on how to improve it even further. MonsterInsights will allow you to connect to Google Analytics and see all the valuable insight directly on your WordPress dashboard. You will be able to see insights like your most visited content, top keywords, referral sites, outbound links, and much more.

To sum it up

Knowing all the little secrets around SEO is almost impossible. Things change fast, and algorithms get updated, making it hard to keep track. But the right WordPress plugin can help you a lot by giving you the right recommendations and helping you improve your SEO score. Including keywords, managing images and backlinking, and much more is made easy with the right partner. Check out the plugins we suggested, and you will definitely find the right one for you.  


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