Art from a new generation

Art from a new generation


Art from a new generation

A new show featuring the works of young artists across the Quinte region opens in Belleville this week.

The 1000 Words student art show will feature the work of students who have been working on projects this summer. Executive Director of the Quinte Arts Council Janet Jarrell tells Quinte News the young artists are telling their own stories on the past and on their hopes for the future.

She says the show will feature work from local students.

“And it’s giving them an opportunity to use this public space – really validates how important their work is and how skilled a lot of arts students are locally.”

Jarrell explains, “Amber Davidson, who is coordinating the show, is heading to university and her goal is to have a part time job as a gallery attendant. So when she started we gave her the mission to host a student show here, to give her that experience start to finish. You know, how to hold a show.”

Jarrell says the Arts Council is pleased to give space to a new generation.

“Not just artistic disciplines but all age groups. And so all perspectives. Sometimes the younger generation doesn’t always have a venue to express their art. So we’re giving them theirs for the month of August.”
She notes, “It just kind of fits in with our mandate as well to make sure that the arts are available to all. “

The show opens at 4 p.m. Thursday at the Art Gallery, 36 Bridge Street East.


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