Area development “Good news story”

Area development “Good news story”

Area development "Good news story"

From left: Quinte Economic Development Commission CEO Chris King and Chair Tim McKinney, June 23, 2022 (Photo: Mary Thomas/Quinte News)

It’s a “good news story” regarding industrial development opportunities in the Quinte region according to a report to the Quinte Economic Development Commission.

CEO Chris King told the Commission’s meeting on Thursday, “It’s good news in terms of the interest in industrial land transactions that have been completed and that could happen in the future. That’s all good and positive, so it’s great to see.”

King tells Quinte News, “Manufacture is such an economic driver for this region. So we’re $13 plus billion dollar annual economy. Half of its output comes from the manufacturing sector.”

“So its very important for us as a community to continue to grow that sector,  support that sector and allow those existing companies that are needing to grow to have space and also to attract new ones bringing value and wealth to our communities.”

He added, “The city has its northeast industrial park and they did a great job in terms of parcels and bringing in new businesses. And there’s 18 acres of prime land on the (Highway 401) left that they’re still trying to market. There’s other land that the city, you heard the mayor talk about today, that the city is working toward bringing them on when they get the right approvals and processes to get those lands serviced.”

“This region does well because of a number of things.

King points out that the area is close to Toronto, Montreal and the United States.

“Close to Toronto and Montreal and the U.S. market but in a lower cost jurisdiction. That drives a lot of interest in this community. That’s why we’re home to so many great manufacturers from multi-nationals down to small- and medium-sized companies here as well.”

The unemployment rate was reported as “being low.”

King indicated it was “the lowest it’s ever been.”

Quinte Economic Development Commission report June 23, 2022

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