Aramith To Launch 100Th Anniversary Pool Ball Set – News

Aramith To Launch 100Th Anniversary Pool Ball Set – News



Founded in 1923 in Belgium, Saluc SA created the brand Aramith which quickly became over the years the billiard ball reference in virtually all tournaments and championships around the world.

Located in Callenelle, a small village in the Belgian countryside, their fully-integrated factory is run by highly qualified and dedicated craftspeople who guarantee the highest quality standards.

Saluc SA is still today the only European manufacturer in the industry to produce its own phenolic resin from which their billiard balls are made. Specifically designed for cue sports, this resin provides unmatched characteristics to Aramith ball sets, offering a competitive edge both in terms of quality and performance.


With the launch of the Aramith100 set, Aramith introduces the 5th generation of its phenolic resin and sets a new quality standard in the industry. This revolutionary resin has been combined with the DuramithTM Technology already used in the Aramith Tournament ball sets which became the reference for professional pool players, federations and organisations.

Thanks to a doubled vitrification layer, the Aramith100 is 5 times more resistant than the Aramith Tournament sets, and 3 times more resistant to wear, scratch and stain than any other phenol-like ball available on the market.

Aramith100 also provides a better anti-kick effect with enhanced anti-static properties, and offers an unprecedented level of consistency in terms of quality and performance within each ball in the set.


To celebrate 100 years of fine Belgian craftsmanship, each ball is precision-engraved with the Aramith100 logo, its number and the half circles around it acknowledging the use of the DuramithTM Technology.

With its deeper vitrification layer, this pool set will look like no others. The engravings are magnified. The colours are sublimated. Their brilliance and glossiness are incomparable.

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