Akamai mitigated a new record-breaking DDoS attackSecurity Affairs

Akamai mitigated a new record-breaking DDoS attackSecurity Affairs


Akamai announced to have recently blocked a new record-breaking distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack.

On Monday, September 12, 2022, Akamai mitigated the largest DDoS attack ever that hit one of its European customers. The malicious traffic peaked at 704.8 Mpps and appears to originate from the same threat actor behind the previous record that Akamai blocked in July and that hit the same customer.

The following table compared the two massive DDoS attacks, it is possible to verify that while in July the number of cumulative attacks was 75, in September it jumped up to 201.

  July Attack September Attack
Peak pps 659.6 Mpps 704.8 Mpps
Cumulative Attacks 75 201
IPs Targeted 512 1813
Vector UDP UDP
Distribution 1 location 6 locations
Date of Attack July 21, 2022 September 12, 2022
Top Scrubbing Locations HKG, LON, TYO HKG, TYO, LON
Record DDoS Sept 2022

Unlike the July attack, this time the attackers launched the attack against six data center locations from Europe to North America.

“On Monday, September 12, 2022, Akamai successfully detected and mitigated the now-largest DDoS attack ever launched against a European customer on the Prolexic platform, with attack traffic abruptly spiking to 704.8 Mpps in an aggressive attempt to cripple the organization’s business operations.” reads the analysis published by Akamai. “The attackers’ command and control system had no delay in activating the multidestination attack, which escalated in 60 seconds from 100 to 1,813 IPs active per minute. Those IPs were spread across eight distinct subnets in six distinct locations.”

Akamai applauded the approach adopted by its customer to mitigate DDoS attacks, after the July attack it had secured all of its 12 data centers.

“Having a proven DDoS mitigation strategy and platform in place is imperative for shielding your business from downtime and disruption” concludes the security firm.

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