[24]7.ai enters the CCaaS Arena with Conversational Intelligence at the Ready –

[24]7.ai enters the CCaaS Arena with Conversational Intelligence at the Ready –


Ananth Srinivasan, Senior Product and Solutions Marketing Manager at [24]7.ai. tells Opus Research how it started, how it’s going, and explains “Why now?” regarding [24]7.ai’s entry into the CCaaS market.

As quoted in the June 22, 2022 launch announcement, our own Lead Analyst and Founder of Opus Research, Dan Miller had this to say, “[24]7.ai enters a crowded CCaaS market uniquely equipped with a deep understanding of operational requirements derived from its expertise as a Business Process Outsourcer. The company’s CCaaS platform, [24]7.ai Engagement Cloud, provides a ready-made mix of proven features and functions that solve the known deficiencies of existing approaches.”

Say what you will about the ROI of receiving a conference award, everyone wants to work with a winner. [24]7.ai was rewarded for their BPO expertise by winning the “BPO of the Year” award at June’s CCW event, and “Disruptive Technology of the Year” at CCW’s December 2021 event.

Srinivasan has a lot in common with his employer. 247.ai started as a contact center operations provider and leveraged those important insights to come up with their conversational intelligence infused product, Engagement Cloud. Srinivasan started his professional career as an agent in the contact center and now he helps shape the future of contact center innovation.

The comparison is not lost on him, and he’s rightfully proud to share his personal satisfaction with his trajectory and focus on agent experience optimization.

“I know first hand it’s not easy to be an agent…I have a terrific opportunity and an important responsibility to collaborate with internal teams and influence what goes in the product. We have access to our Operations team, we bring in their knowledge and insights and influence what goes into the product collectively. We make this a repeatable process.”

Conversational Intelligence is another means to improve the agent experience by enriching the agent desktop with real time customer data and details, AI enabled resources, and real-time assistance. The goal is to remove friction and seams resulting in a more satisfying agent role and a happier customer.

On that point, Srinivasan shared this gem of a comment that I’m going to repeat liberally to anyone who will listen: “Conversational Intelligence is the one gift you give to make two friends, agents and customers. With the right automation strategy, you drive true customer self-service and you’re also augmenting the agents job day in and day out, so it’s a win-win.”

Watch the video above for more insights and to hear Ananth’s story in his own words.

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